Saturday, April 18, 2009

Faux News Brings Out the Tea Bags and the Scum Bags – by David

I observed with mild interest a group of tea baggers preparing for their tea party near the Trader Joe's in downtown Beaverton on April 15. Since I don't watch Fox Noise, nor read any of Dick Armey's websites, I didn't know too much about it in advance. It was supposed to be a grassroots effort. Yeah, about as grassroots as the occupation of Iraq. 

The brainiacs behind neo-conservatism and liberatarianism certainly know what they are doing. But millions of like-minded sheople have been duped. For that, I feel sorry for them. They don't truly understand the historical foundation of this country, don't know economics, don't know economic history, don't understand that the government is "us" and we are "it", and don't know what "tea bagging" really is. (This is a family blog, so if you don't know, look it up on UrbanDictionary; you may or may not be grossed out).

Let's break it down:
** The original Boston Tea Party was to protest taxation without representation. Ummmm, there WAS a fair, untainted election (finally) and the good guys won. 
** According to organizers, they were protesting, among other things, the threat of gigantic federal deficits brought on by those tax and spend Democrats. For the record, here's a new 9/11 for you:  of the 11 trillion dollar federal deficit, 9 trillion was brought to you by a Republican president and congress. Sadly, many were just protesting all things Obama, using the same talking points and tactics invented in those right wing think tanks. 
** Some tea baggers think there should be no taxes at all. Others think their taxes are too high. For the record, federal tax rates are down across the board compared to 30 years ago. But the tax burden for some is UP (and the deficit for all) because too many others are not paying their fair share. 
** They probably think that our country can and will survive with low taxes and a much smaller, weaker federal government. So speak up, tea baggers! What do you want to give up that you're paying for now? Transportation? Public safety? Free public schools and hospitals? The safety net? Social Security and Medicare?  Federal guidelines and regulations in health, food safety, workplace safety, banking & finance industry, and so on? 

You know, I wish there was a place... a place where all like-minded tea baggers could go and live together. What a great social experiment that would be, though doomed to ultimate failure. That gives me an idea! Thanks Rick Perry, governor of Texas!

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