Saturday, April 18, 2009

49 States Could Secede From Texas - by David

Governor Rick Perry of Texas hinted at a Texas Tea Party on April 15 that Texas could secede from the United States of America if the federal government continues to strangle Americans with taxation, spending and debt.  
Well, let's beat 'em to the punch. How about if the other 49 states secede from Texas!?

This does create a minor problem, though. To avoid the expense, in these tough economic times, of changing every American flag in the world from 50 stars to 49, we will have to invite a new member into the Union. Puerto Rico? Guam? Or really thinking outside the box, how about Cuba? 

Anyway, I think it's a great idea! I've always felt that the neo-conservatives, right-wing Republicans, corporatists, fascists, Libertarians, and any others who generally misunderstand or disagree with the foundations of our great democratic republic, should have their own place, their own Petri dish if you will, to grow their tax free small-g government Nirvana.

The results will be predictable. What do you get when you have a private-property rich, public-property and public infrastructure poor, tax free, no safety net, no safety or food standards, weak federal government nation? You get a third-world country. Texas will eventually come back, Stetson in hand, begging to rejoin the other 50 states. I'd welcome them back as long as they pay their way, including changing all those flags to show 51 stars. 

If any "tea baggers" happen to be reading this, let the record show that I am a former libertarian and member of the GOP, but still a capitalist. Don't even think about calling me a socialist or a fascist, because I'm not. Neither is our president. 

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