Wednesday, August 26, 2009

AARP... Finally - by David

I just mailed in a 1 year membership to AARP and I'm trying to make sense of it all.

We just returned from a getaway to Orcas Island in the San Juans, WA. Zenny and I had been ignoring those AARP mailings for several years. But this particular AARP invitation had been sitting around the house for about a week... as if calling for action. So I mailed it today along with a $16 check. AFTER I mailed it, I came to the realization that we had returned home without my favorite pair of hiking boots.

Someone else is now enjoying my favorite 12-year old Nike hiking boots because I got up from a post hike rest, sans boots, and left them at the resting spot on Mt. Constitution. What was I thinking? Or not thinking? It's funny to imagine that that "someone else" might be a bear, deer, or even Sasquatch.

I don't care about the boots. (Wait, yes I do!) But I do care that I experienced the failing memory or focus of an aging human, now a new member of AARP.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Political Word Games - by David

New words for the political lexicon. I had the idea, but someone else got there first. Thanks Urban Dictionary!

Palindrone (noun)
A rambling or incoherent speech made by a politician, which makes as much sense backwards as forwards.

Palindrone (noun)
A person who blindly follows a politician, believing everything they say based solely on personal likability or perceived common values, while ignoring the horrifying consequences of said politician's stand on issues.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dachshund Reunion

This was our homecoming after 2 1/2 weeks away on vacation.