Saturday, March 21, 2009

We agonized for days over the name for our new little wiener dog. We tried out about 3 names, which totally confused him. We started out with "Hershey Bar" because of his dark chocolate coloring. But that just didn't jive with our naming routine established with Oscar Mayer. (OK, Tootsie Roll kinda doesn't fit either; she always badly needs a bath, so we're changing her name to Haggis). But now the deed is done; he has a name. Below is the Facebook post last week. 

Naming a dog is kind of like making sausage:  the finished product is a whole lot more appealing than watching it happen. I never "sausage" a long and drawn out process. This was the wurst! We've finally rendered a name for our new little wiener dog! It took long hours of shredding, grinding, pounding, and boiling over the many choices. Would it be Link Sausage? Pepper Oni? Slim Jim? Brad Wurst? Frank Furter? Vienna Sausage? Piggy N. Ablanket? Or something totally boring and unrelated? Like Rover, Spot, Goofy, Clifford, or Fido.

When it comes to naming dogs, summer sausage and some are not. Our new little link in the family dog pound is definitely of the wiener variety, and needed a name accordingly. All it took was a family walk in the park, just rolling along nose to tail to nose to tail to nose, then a sudden "link" back to a memory of last week's trip down the breakfast sausage aisle at the local Piggly Wiggly. Of course! Finally, it's all neatly stuffed into the casing and tied off at the ends! His new name is...

Jimmy Dean.

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