Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello World - by Jimmy

It's a big, big world here, but I'm settling in OK. Tootsie didn't warm up to me too quickly. In fact, at first she didn't want anything to do with me. Oscar was a bit that way, too, at times. But now he's starting to see me as a little brother. Even Tootsie's coming around now - I'm becoming just another member of the pack. 

My people tell me I'm very smart and brave. Oscar showed me how to use the puppy pee pads - one time only - and I've used them ever since. I think they want me to learn how to use the poochie bells to ask outside, just like Oscar does. I'm not sure I can reach them yet. Brave? Oh yeah. When Tootsie yells at me for just existing, I come back for more, undeterred. Oscar is a bit rough with me (and Tootsie), but I'm holding my own. 


  1. Jimmy, I am glad to know you are holding your own. Let me tell you a little secret about your older brother Oscar. He isn't all that he seems to be...I smell a fake wiener! Jimmie, if you ever have some beef (or sausage) with your brother, you should ask him who his mommy and daddy are.

  2. Are you saying that Oscar is nothin' but a Morningstar Farms "veggie dog"?!?! OK, could be. Oscar doesn't know who his mommy and daddy are. He was a stray, picked up and taken to the the dog pound. He has all those Dachshund traits, except he's a bit tall. He's probably part Mini-Pinscher, which I've heard is a cross between a Dachshund and an Italian Greyhound.