Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who's REALLY the World's Worst Dog? Part 2 - by Oscar

I neglected to mention a couple very important exploits, plus one that will surly come my way. Some day and it will be mine. I already posted the rest of my exploits on December 25, 2008. 

* I've chewed through 2 USB thumb drives, totally destroying one and mangling another. I love pens and mechanical pencils, too. 
* Let's talk about the stairs. First, some background. My people really don't like carpet in the house too much, so they removed most of it. Since we're both vertically challenged, this created a problem for Tootsie and me. The hardwood on the stairs was really slippery for us and Tootsie, on several occasions, did a log roll down the stairs. Thump, thump, bang, thump, bang, thump. So our people had the stairs re-carpeted. I found a nice little corner of carpet on the bottom stair step that's so inviting. Rip, rip, shred, rip, shred, rip. 
* Remotes. There are 4 of them, just out of my reach. There's one each for the TV, cable, DVD, and sound system. So far, my people have worked really hard to keep them up on an end table out of my reach. Some day, one careless moment... mine.

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  1. It's a good thing that Oscar is uber-cute, otherwise that little hot dog would get in some serious trouble!