Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wanted: Custom Clothing for Dachshunds - by Oscar

Remember some of my nicknames? - Noodle, Gremlin, Magwai, Stripe. Well, they've given me a new one - Tube. 

It's winter, I'm cold all the time, and my clothes keep coming off as I run and play all over the place. So I'm running around the house naked and David tells me I look like a "tube". A tube! A paper towel roll with 4 legs, a head and a tail.

Tube. So I need better, more form-fitting clothing. I'm imagining something like a zippered knit tube-sock. (I'm too active for velcro). Or maybe one of those hideous aerobic exercise leggings popular back in the '80's? Yeah, that's before my time, but I've encountered a couple around the house... Zenny.  Those leggings are great for playing hide-and-seek with Tootsie.

Can anyone help me? It's a long time until summer.

By the way, the pic is apparently a 1910 postcard from the archives of one of MY favorite websites: .

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