Sunday, February 27, 2011

Future Book Titles - by David

Given what's happening in Wisconsin and other states right now, only the latest chapter in over 30 years of coordinated assault on hard-earned progressive gains, corporate special interests may be on their way to completely squashing organized labor special interests. The book and magazine article titles below will certainly be future best sellers. I’m buying the title rights now:

* The Care and Feeding of Your Indentured Servant
* Como Preparar Para las Alas de Inmigrantes Illegales de los Estados Unidos (How to Prepare for the Coming Waves of Illegal Immigrants from The United States)
* Staying in Business When Your Customers Can No Longer Afford You
* The Top 10 Gated Community Security Companies
* Know What They’re Doing – Tried and True Methods to Protect Your Property from Servants and Other Freeloaders and Deadbeats
* Why We Should Not Raise the New Federal Maximum Wage
* Europe’s Best Colleges and Universities
* Protecting Your Child from Roving Gangs of Public School Children
* Trickle Down Plumbing Systems – Protect Yourself and Your Family From Decaying Public Infrastructure
* Laffer’s Last Laugh – Why Federal Tax Receipts Will Balloon as Tax Rates Finally Reach Zero
* Spotlight on Custodial Workers Local 101 of Fargo, ND – Why the Last Remaining Labor Union in America is a Threat to National Security
* Soup Kitchen Economics – How Begging Keeps the Unproductive Class from Reaching Their Full Potential
* Is Someone on Your Domestic Staff a Foreign Terrorist? – 1001 Questions You Can Ask Them to Find Out (American Sports Edition)
* Fool Crooks and Snoops – Make the Entrance to Your Gated Community Look Like a City Dump, Uranium Mine, or EPA Superfund Cleanup Site
* Let Them Eat Yellow Cake!
* Motor Trend’s Top 10 Armored Vehicles
* National Parks and Monuments for Sale – Get Your Share for Pennies an Acre
* How to Protect Yourself Against the Last Remaining Nazi-Leftist, Statist, Socialist, Fascist, Communist, Stalinist, Marxist, Latte-Sipping, Yogurt-Slurping, Volvo-Driving, Elitist Liberal Snobs
* President Ronald Reagan, American Hero – Why He Can Still Run for President in 2016

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