Friday, July 10, 2009

What Do Dachshunds Think When Their People Go On Vacation and Leave Them at Home?

"I'll show YOU. I'm going to find some new, creative places to poop in the house. You won't find them all 'til August. Remember, I'm an expert at burrowing under towels, sofa covers and blankets!" (Tootsie Roll)

"I've had my way with more than a few legs of your expensive furniture. I didn't get them all yet! I'm still the world's worst dog and don't you forget that!" (Oscar Mayer)

"Huh? Our people are coming back? I thought Lorna and Shawn were our new people." (Jimmy Dean)


  1. Tootsie can't find the time to poop because there is always a weiner train on her back (Jimmy is the caboose).

    Oca Binaca is a baby at sleepy time. He avoids your bathroom at all costs.

    Jimmy learned the creative art of pooping from Tootsie. I have found petrified poop under the small table beween the couches near the phone books.

  2. Hmmm, who could this be? Hi Lorna. Just leave the petrified poop where it is. The crazy rock lady will use it as landscaping material in the backyard patio. No, wait. The crazy rock lady says to mail it to Twin Falls. She's started a collection for your sister.

  3. Very cute blog and very very cute Tootsie, Oscar and Jimmy.